I was born in States Center, Iowa but I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. The warm Arizona sun called my family out West when I was five.

I feel that I was born an artist but I tried other things including bookkeeping and interior design before I devoted all my time to my art. I gave up being a bookkeeper and learned as much as I could about art. I became active in local art organizations and received a wealth of education during that time. When my older sister died in 1988 it began dramatic changes in my art. I was fortunate that Eleanor Harris came into my life at that time. She became my mentor and taught be about collage and non-objective shapes. She began my education as to what makes a good abstract painting. I felt a deep interaction with feelings and brush strokes. I continued to learn and developed my own style is working with acrylics.

Sharing my art is an important part of being an artist. I do this by donating my paintings to special interest. I fund raise for the American Diabetes Assoc. I was a Tutor artist for their Celebrity Art Auction, painting with Bob Khan, Fire Chief and Linda Cobb, the “Queen of Clean. I still help fund raise for the American Diabetes Association as well as Breast Cancer research and others. I am also a fervent supporter of Free Arts for Abused Children.